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Central Heating PowerFlushing

Power Flushing

Boiler manufacturers insist that old heating systems be thoroughly flushed before installing a new boiler, and may even make a warranty conditional on this.

The CLEARFLOW ® power flushing pump is connected to the heating system, the powerful flow, combined with reversing action, will dislodge stubborn deposits and corrosion. Magnetite, a hard mineral, is removed by strong magnets in a special filter, the rest of the sludge and corrosion is then washed out of the system leaving fresh clean water to which we add products to help prevent further problems.

Removing sludge, corrosion and other deposits will improve circulation, efficiency and can reduce pump noise.


Will my radiators leak after the Power Flush?

Sludge and debris are present as a result of corrosion over a long period of time.

The power flushing process will cure most circulation problems, but cannot undo corrosion and gradual decay of heating system components that has led to the need to power flush the system.

Occasionally some systems may have radiators with localised deep corrosion pits, with only a scab of rust preventing the system water from leaking out, the vigorous flow rate of the clearflow may dislodge such scabs leading to a leak during the flushing process. This degree of corrosion would cause a leak eventually, powerflushing may just make it happen sooner. If there is to be a leak, better that it occurs while there is a heating engineer on hand to remedy the problem, rather than for it to arise over a weekend or whilst the house is unoccupied.

The materials we use are non-acidic formulations which can be used in all types of direct heating systems including those containing aluminium components, they are formulated so that they loosen and dissolve the corrosion products that cause boiler noise and circulation problems.

Only by power flushing can you be sure that a system is really clean to the standard demanded by modern high efficiency boilers and heat exchangers.

Southgate and Culham Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any leaks in the system following the powerflush process for the reasons stated above.

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